casual #ootd + 'babe' shirt

For as long as I can remember, I have loved striped shirts! You know when you just find something and you know it's "your style" and "this is very me" and you know you look good in it? One of those things is stripes for me. I don't look good in red and I don't look good in polka dots. You'll probably never see me in those so glad we got that out of the way. Some people look amazing in red or polka dots. Not me. 

Anyways, I picked this shirt up at AEO and boy have they revamped their store image. I remember when I shopped there from time to time in high school, it was all about the polo shirts, preppy style, and now it's the hipster, 'coachella' festival type, vintagey/casual boho look. And honestly, I really like it! I feel like I can shop there without having to worry that I'm too old for it. I definitely feel too old to Charlotte Russe, Hollister, and still debating if I'm too old for A&F. 

But - definitely loving all of their clothing lately and will be going back for more. I also recently purchased a grey tie-dye shirt from AEO as well (I did a blog post on it a while back) and still wear it so much!

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