Grey GAP Twist Tie Top

Confession: I used to hate wearing the color grey. Maybe it's because I was self conscious for the longest time beacause, well,...we all know what happens to grey when we get sweaty. LOL So I just naturally avoided it. Even though some of the cutest tops came in grey.

I decided to just build a bridge and GET OVER IT. Now, I have this unhealthy obsession with grey tops. I'm not a huge fan of black or red. It's strange because it seems like black is supposed to be the universally flattering color, am I wrong? For some reason I feel like I don't look good in it. I prefer the greys, blush/light pink, greens, white, beige, blues....I can't do orange, red or brown.

So,...did you know that there's actually science behind all this? It all has to do with your undertones in your skin. Check the veins on your wrist. Are they blue? You're most likely cool-toned. Are they green or have a yellow cast? You're probably warm-toned. Simply as that. According to The Fashion Spot, cool tones look best in white, black, royal blue, gray, navy and warm tones look best in burnt orange, cream, yellow, brown, dark green, and reds. What are your thoughts?

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Jeans: Skinny Paint Splatter Jegging // Top: Grey Twist Tie Sweatshirt (this one is also super cute!!) // Shoes: Grey Converse All Stars // Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM // Sunglasses: B.P Retro Sunnies


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